Life Insurance is as easy as sign and pay!

Life Insurance is some times so easy it seems hard. Let us take the case in point that life insurance is always branded with the misnomer that you have to give blood or wait for Dr records. That is so far from the truth and is one of the ways I have been able to help the most people over my 12 year carrier. If you want some life insurance and will settle for small amounts of $50,000 and under some times it is as easy as 3 questions, signature, money and then you have coverage the following day no questions asked.

This is the last Blog post for September and as we started the month as Life Insurance Awareness month I hope that everyone who reads this realizes there is a policy that will fit almost any situation in reason so don’t hesitate because none of us know what tomorrow will bring. GO GET SOME LIFE INSURANCE!

Paul Long

Paul Long has been a licensed insurance agent since April of 1999. Paul has had experience working for both captive and independent agencies and started The Paul Long Agency, LLC in February 2006. Paul works with all lines of insurance, specializing in business clients and farming clients. He is a member of NAIFA and ha 5 out of 6 LUTCF Courses completed toward the final designation.