Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety for Outdoor Workers

Although about 90 percent of people struck by lightning survive, these strikes can cause serious and permanent disabilities. And, even if employees aren’t hurt by lightning, they may be at risk from any fires, explosions or other hazards that result from a strike. Together, these facts outline the importance of protecting employees who work outdoors …

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Employees Want More Money

Employees Want More Money, and It’s Making Them Quit

What’s the main driver keeping employees with your business? Company culture? Career mobility? If you ask your employees, they’ll probably say it’s their paycheck. That’s according to a PayScale survey that found pay to be the strongest motivator for quitting. Of over 38,000 individuals surveyed, 25% said more compensation was their motivation for quitting, while …

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Sunscreen and You

Sunscreen and You

To avoid the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, we’re often advised to wear sunscreen whenever we go outside. And, with skin cancer being the most common type of cancer in the United States, wearing sunscreen is of the utmost importance. Recent changes mandated by the Food and Drug Administration have made sunscreen selection …

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