Nutrition Facts Label

Food Labels: The Breakdown

As you eat your cereal in the morning, you notice it on the side of the box—that small, white rectangle with the jumble of words, numbers and percentages. It’s the nutrition facts label, and it breaks down what’s inside the box—everything from calories to cholesterol. Reading it can be a little confusing, but by breaking …

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Eat Well Live Well Tips

Eat Well, Live Well Tips

Replacing unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones can be difficult, especially if unhealthy habits are all you have ever known. One key to making lasting improvements in your diet is to make changes in stages. Start with a small, simple change and stick to it for a week. After mastering one change, add another. Here …

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Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security

Gone are the days when the most sensitive information on an employee’s phone was the names and phone numbers of their contacts. Now, a smartphone or tablet can be used to gain access to anything, including emails, stored passwords and even proprietary company data. Depending on how your organization uses such devices, unauthorized access to …

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Safety Matters It's No Accident

Safety Matters: It’s No Accident

Accidents can happen at any time in the workplace, often when you least expect them. However, many on-the-job accidents can be avoided by focusing on safe practices and taking necessary safety precautions. Know the Hazards The cause of accidents can almost always be traced to a dangerous act, an unsafe condition or a combination of …

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CDC Urges Consumers to Stop Vaping After More Than 215 Hospitalized

CDC Urges Consumers to Stop Vaping After More Than 215 Hospitalized

On Friday, Aug. 31, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an advisory warning consumers of the dangers of vaping after over 215 cases of mysterious lung disease have occurred. The advisory also urges consumers to refrain from purchasing cannabis and e-cigarette products off the street, and stop modifying vaping devices. Vaping-related …

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