Who Needs a Check Up?

Do you go to your doctor, dentist, or eye doctor for a yearly check up? Most people do because they want to confirm that they are doing well or there are just scared about what they don’t know. This is a good habit that was taught to us since we were all very young. Should your investments or insurance get any less attention?

When was your last insurance check up? I know it’s very enticing to just go on-line or call an 800 number that is flashed on TV, I’ve done it myself. Well I am here to tell you that’s not enough. A policy written in the wrong way or a coverage missed can be as devastating as a major disease if not detected early. It takes a trained professional to diagnose your problem so the right solution can be achieved.
So, today pull out those old policies you have not looked at in for ever and call your current agent or search for one that has a good track record for professionalism, community service, devoting him or herself to the goal of taking care of others and their insurance needs. This is about you and the protection of your family.

Paul Long

Paul Long has been a licensed insurance agent since April of 1999. Paul has had experience working for both captive and independent agencies and started The Paul Long Agency, LLC in February 2006. Paul works with all lines of insurance, specializing in business clients and farming clients. He is a member of NAIFA and ha 5 out of 6 LUTCF Courses completed toward the final designation.